Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bible Study Crunch Time

Next week kicks off the Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible study. I don't think that I ever fully told the story of how this study came together, and since I don't have anything else to post about today, that seems as good as anything.
Around Christmas, I started thinking about the possibility of maybe, potentially, someday in the far off future hosting a Bible study. The thought was fleeting, kind of like a buzzing mosquito that you swat away from your ear and forget all about. At the beginning of February, I spoke at a women's breakfast and thought, hey, these ladies are fun - I should think about that whole Bible study thing again - someday. March passed without any of my neurons suggesting any sort of study. April, however, was a completely different story. I received my Today's Christian Woman magazine in the mail and it seemed like every other page had an advertisement for another women's Bible study. While shopping for a new novel, I found myself staring at a large display of Bible study curriculums. All the while, I kept praying, "God, if you want me to do this Bible study thing, please make it clear." Duh. Sometimes I think I must be in the front row of His remedial class.
My plan was that I would host a small (four or five women) Bible study at my house one a week for five, maybe six weeks. Sounded like a very good plan to me. It was then suggested to me that it would perhaps be a better idea to host the Bible study at our church on Wednesday nights and think a bit bigger. After a small, "but, God" session, which ironically the author of the study, Liz Curtis Higgs, highlights, I was forced to realize that this whole Bible study thing was NEVER my plan - it was His all along. I say this, but just for the sake of honesty, I still thought this was going to be a small scale Bible study, maybe six or seven women instead of four or five. At this very moment, I have thirty, yep 30, ladies signed up for this. God has a sense of humor and He is so, so good.
I know we are going to learn lots, laugh and have good fellowship, but I wanted to ask for your prayers. I have logged plenty of hours in nurseries, Sunday schools, junior church, youth group and VBS, but never something like this. I'm excited and intimidated, nervous and raring to go!

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Kylie said...

I think you'll be great and I thought you did a great job at the Ladies' Breakfast in February. I'll be praying for you and I'll also remember to return your DVD on Sunday. :)