Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Brave Dogs

Brace yourself, folks! Here is a terror filled tale of bedtime gone horribly wrong.
It starts out innocently enough. Every evening, the routine is the same.
Bedtime, pups!
(glowing green laser eyes optional with every greyhound adoption!)
Runner, why did you stop? Why are you trying to run back downstairs?
Midnite, why do you look so scared? Is there something up there?
Beware! What is lurking at the top of the steps is not for the faint of heart. Please move small children away from your monitor before scrolling down the page.




Two dogs, one weighing in at 53 pounds and the other weighing in at 70 pounds, terrified of the cat they have co-habitated with for three years. She lies in wait for them every night, reveling in their terror. Hey- its a hobby.
They do eventually run the gauntlet and get to their bed, but it is a nightly challenge.


Deborah said...

That was funny! Little scardy cats, opps,I mean dogs!!! LOL

Kylie said...

In defense of the dogs, the cat does look a bit intimidating... at least in that picture.

Kelsey712 said...

oh my gosh! I love your greyhounds!

they are adorable :)

I do agree with Kylie though, the cat looks pretty tough!

Kelly Watson said...

I was browsing through Kelly's pet posts and found your blog. I have to tell you, your post and commentary cracked me up! I had a Maine Coon cat who was also very intimidating to our dogs, of course she was a beast at 30 lbs! Love it!

Emory said...

What a funny story...and cute pets.

Viki said...

I guess the glowing eye dogs are more scared of the glowing eyed cat. LOL, cute post.

Anonymous said...

So cute!