Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Dream of Tomatoes

Hi, my name is April and I am a tomato plant addict.
It started innocently enough, but I think it's time to admit I have a problem.
I started over 100 tomato plants from seed early this spring. I planted some and found good homes for the others. A few of mine died, so on a visit to the greenhouse this morning, I thought I'd pick up some "replacements". Um, yeah. I needed 2 tomato plants and came home with 7. I then found a few more volunteer plants coming up from last year. I now have Amish Paste, Cherokee Purple, Thessaloniki, Golden Girl, Yellow Pear, Rutgers, Supersteak and some kind with Jet in the name. Apparently my yard looked much bigger from the greenhouse. If all of these plants produce even moderately well, I will be canning around the clock. I still need to plant peppers and beans, but my garden is coming along nicely. The weather has been beautiful, and gardening is really the only socially acceptable reason for adults to play in the dirt - which I love.
Enjoy spring now that it is finally here!

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