Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Bikini or Not to Bikini

Okay, so the title is a stretch. Sorry.

I'll admit that I was in denial about the whole "summer is coming soon" thing. Memorial Day weekend came and with it came the openning of the local swimming pool. Foolishly, I thought we could just duck into any old store and come out with a bathing suit for my daughter. Ha. So naive, so optimistic, so, well, WRONG! This is our first year shopping in the juniors department and we found nothing but skimpy bikinis and a single one-piece that was little more than a bikini with belly button coverage. All we could find in the misses section, was "mom suits", a moniker coined by my daughter that can only be said if you can sneer, wrinkle up your nose and squint at the same time.
With resignation, we went home and began an extensive internet search for a suit palatable to a 13 year old's taste and with enough fabric to ensure that her father will allow her out of the house. Surfing (no pun intended) the net and looking at all of the regular sites didn't yield the results that we were hoping for, and frustrations were rising. Finally, I resorted to a google search for a modest one-piece bathing suit. The clouds parted, the sun broke through and we found two websites that were perfect.

(We ordered the one on the left)

The first site we found was We placed an order that day, so hopefully it works out.

We also found another site, and we will definitely keep it in mind as well.

(one of Lime Ricki's suits)


Heather said...

If you can imagine this: I have a really hard time finding modest bathing suits as well. Pigs will fly when I find just the right one. Would you like to go into a joint venture in designing and making them? I love to design and sew, but I don't have enough knowledge/experience to do something like this. Plus, I'm watching project runway right now, so I'm feeling particularly into fashion. :)

easytravel said...

great bikinis. thanks for share. see you on my blog also.