Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garden Tour

We do not have a big yard, but we try to make it as productive as possible. Here are some pictures of what has been going on in our yard recently.
Our resident robin, in an homage to my husband's awesome skills with the weed eater, erected this huge nest, complete with an artistically arranged cascade of vegetation. It's very nice, but she was remiss in that she neglected to apply for a building permit.
In an effort to decrease our electrical bills, we wanted to put up a clothesline again, but we were stumped as to where we were going to fit it in our yard. A trip to a nearby Amish community gave us the perfect idea - a pulley line. The new clothesline runs from our shed to the third floor attic window. It needs some tightening, but here is the inaugural laundry load (complete with touch-ups from the memory manager program).

The plum trees are working diligently too. These should be ready in a few more weeks.

Not to be left out, the vegetables are not slacking, either. The chard is growing and we already have some baby Amish paste tomatoes coming along.

Lots and lots and lots of green. Isn't summer great?

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