Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Thoughts on Being Busy

In a conversation today, the topic of busy-ness came up (if I spell busy-ness the way I think it should be spelled- business, I doesn't look right, so bear with me). Full schedules have been the norm around here for quite awhile, but sometimes overscheduling gets the better of me and I find myself cutting corners in order to get things done. There have even been times, where instead of meaningful conversation, schedule recitation takes place. You know those talks, right? I'll see your getting the kids to the orthodontist and raise you a three hour band practice. It is sad when instead of connecting with others, instead we feel compelled to throw our schedule at them to prove that we simply do not have the time. It is worse when we use busy-ness as a crutch to excuse ourselves from reaching out to others.
I feel even sadder that I am tromping all over my own toes. (To anyone who would like to point out that tromping is not a real word, I am very sorry)
When I was first married, I thought I was extremely busy if I had a full load of laundry to do AND cook supper. Now, laundry and supper fall somewhere in a very long to-do list peppered with practices and meetings. I have more to do, yes, but am I really busier? I came to the conclusion today, that busy-ness has more to do with a state of mind than it does with chores. The feeling of being overwhelmed as a newlywed was no less real than the feeling of being overwhelmed almost 15 years later. The key is in not letting my schedule define me, or chose for me what I will make a priority.

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Beth said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog!

I remember having a newborn and wondering how I was going to keep house & care for the newborn & cook. Now - I look back and say one was so easy! And it seems the end of the school year is just jam packed with activities. I am so happy summer is here and at least school related things are done - until September...