Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Addition #3

In a moment nearly as monumental as Pa Ingalls presenting the brand new cookstove to Ma Ingalls, my darling husband and father brought home our much anticipated new stove. I was so excited to make supper for my family this evening. In honor of the momentous occasion, I tried this new recipe from The Pioneer Woman -
The kids were wary of the strange new stuff. I'm so glad they are past the dramatic reactions to new food, though. They did try it and while they did not rave over it, they did eat it. It was the first time my husband and I had eaten hominy. It was different, but very, very good! Perfect for a cool-ish, drizzly evening at home.
I am so glad to have a working oven again!


Kylie said...

That casserole looks delicious and the stove looks gorgeous. :)

Happy cooking and baking!

P.S. the captcha for this post is: ovenik... that made me giggle.

Deborah said...

The stove looks nice! Have fun!!I love the older recipes, I use them every now and then, but way to much butter for my liking!

e-Mom said...

Oh my! How delicious!

I just discovered the Pioneer Woman myself (through my other blog, Susannah's Aprons)

Happy cookin'...