Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Time Its Personal

The title of this post is definitely meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
First thing this morning, I came upon this blog post at Stuff Christians Like
Then, even though I felt convicted by what I read before going to work, I allowed myself to fall into the same pervasive attitude problem I've been struggling with for over a week now. Thoroughly disgusted with myself, I took my lunch break at a local cafe with a good book for company. Stepping Heavenward is a work of fiction, loosely based on the life of the author. It is a story told in journal format following a girl into womanhood as she strives to live a more Godly life. Hmmmm. I picked it up, assuming it would be an edifying read of perfect people living perfect lives, enjoyable, but not real. This is most definitely not the case. The heroine, Katy, is far from perfect. She is confused about her feelings about God, confused about her relationship with her mother and confused about life in general. But gradually, she learns to seek Him. I'm not even halfway through the book, and there have already been several "Wow" moments, the kind that send shivers down your spine because it hit you where you live. The clincher - this book was written in 1869. Amazing.
Today, whether I knew it at the time or not, God chose the reading list. And I am so glad!
I'll finish my "review" of Stepping Heavenward once I finish the book. The Screwtape Letters is in the mail as well, so that one may very well follow. This one mentioned on Chrysalis sounds good as well. I'm looking for more reading material for the winter season, so please leave suggestions for me in the comments.


e-Mom said...

Stuff Christians Like is a great blog. I've been reading it lately too (...and waiting for a relevant way to link. Thanks for sending us over there!)

As for your reading, isn't it interesting that some very old books can be completely current? I marvel that people struggled with the very same things then as we do today.

Thanks for the linky love. :~D

Deborah said...

Hi, is this book written in old english? I'm only wondering because sometimes books in this time could be old english and hard to understand for me! But it does sound good! I'm going over to that blog also! I like your new did change it, right??? Have a nice night!