Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Review with a Side of Lunch

This is a first for me. First blog post, posted from a table at a cozy lunch spot.
I recently joined an online group PaperbackSwap.Com. This, as you may have guessed from the self-explanatory name, is a website which allows members from all over the U.S. to swap books. This is the book club of my dreams - cheap, easy and I get books in the mail (I love getting things in the mail!). Due to this stroke on literary good fortune, I have been able to get many of the books that have been on my library wish list.
One of my "wish list" books was Laughing in the Dark by Chonda Pierce. If you are not familiar with this fabulously funny lady, get ready to get acquainted. Chonda is notorious for her sharp and witty Christian comedy, as well as her very honest take on her struggles with clinical depression. Laughing in the Dark is funny, poignant and frank look at life seen through the murky veil of depression. The best part of the book is, that not only does she explain what life in "the pit" is like, and explores a painful past, she lays out a path to recovery.
While I've never experienced everything that Chonda Pierce went through in her turmoil, but I've had my share of time in the dark. Honestly, I think we all have. I found this book so very helpful, and I think that it was an extremely worthwhile read.
As excited as I was to read her book, I'm even more excited to go see her perform next week!


Lesli said...

Thank you for the suggestion, I am always interested in a good read! Have a great weekend!

gemini said...

Oh, I would love to have her book then and even hear her one day, thanks for sharing this. Great weekend ahead of you,join me in celebration tribute to my mom and see you there.

e-Mom said...

Wonderful review! I'd like to take a peek at this on amazon. I like to receive books in the mail too... I just don't like to wait in line at the post office sending things the other direction. :~D

e-Mom said...

I went ahead and ordered a used copy through w/ my Swagbucks points the total (w/ shipping) was under $2.00. Thanks for the heads up!