Sunday, January 11, 2009

How I Spent My Weekend

We began the process of redecorating the dining room this weekend. My HGTV privileges may be revoked if I continue to come up with ideas, but it looks a little better already. Just so everyone knows, I love color.
When we first moved into our house seven years ago, I was so tired of semi-gloss white walls that I went a little crazy with the painting. Here are a few shots of the dining room taken last week.

Very, very blue. I liked the color, but it never felt warm enough for a dining room. Also, please note Exhibit A a/k/a weedy, vaguely berry-ish things hanging on either side of the picture. I think these testify to the fact that Interior Design is not my calling. In the photo directly above, you can see the absolutely beautiful corner cupboard that my dad built for me as a Christmas present two years ago.

Now for some after shots:

The color looks a bit orange in the pictures, but it is actually caramel brown. I've also included my favorite picture of the kids, taken nine years ago. I can't believe how small they were then.

For the record, not all of the residents of our house were thrilled with the home improvement activities. Midnite's bed was moved and panic ensued. Here she is relaxing in her pajamas and clinging to her favorite ball for comfort. We haven't told her that the living room is next.

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