Saturday, January 3, 2009

Witness to Worst Date Ever

My hubby and I unexpectedly lucked into a date night at a nice restaurant this evening. We were seated next to the wall near another couple, who would unbeknownst to them, be our entertainment that evening. It certainly was not our intention to eavesdrop, but a deep booming voice combined with a quiet dining room is not a good combination for an intimate evening out. We were soon hearing enough snippets of their conversation (mostly one-sided by the way) to ascertain that this was a first date between two people who had not previously met, the gentleman of the pair has many, very deeply held political, environmental and spiritual beliefs (and brought books to illustrate that fact) and wanted to know if the lady thought that a relationship might develop.

It was probably one of those "you just had to be there" moments, but nearly fifteen years of marriage and the fifteen years of close friendship preceding marriage has granted us the ability to read one another's facial expressions with a small margin of error. So we spent a good deal of the beginning of our date avoiding eye contact so as not to burst into giggle fits like two 12 year olds.

I'm so very glad that I have a husband I can have so much fun with and that he loves me regardless of whether I'm feeling serious or seriously immature. Witnessing that first date just made me more thankful that I have the husband I have and that I didn't have to sit through any tense, awkward dates like the one we witnessed this evening.

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