Thursday, January 8, 2009

Online Fabric Shopping

I love fabric shopping. I love planning projects, looking for colors that complement one another, looking at cute prints - I just enjoy the fabric store experience. (This drives my husband crazy by the way.) So far, I've made table runners, purses, blankets, skirts and dresses for my daughter, pajama pants for my son, some stuffed soccer balls for my nephews. Now, I want to make throw pillows - brave, bright, vibrant throw pillows for the couch and loveseat. I am drawn to bright colors, so be warned.

Anna Maria Horner (one of my favorite fabric designers) has a new line called "Good Folks" coming out on the 15th, so I've been trolling the internet trying to decide which print my pillows should be made from. Don't say I didn't warn you, I want these to be bright and eye-catching (but not retina-harming). Here are the prints that are in the final running:

I'm leaning towards the one on the bottom right at the moment.


Heather said...

love them! hey, have you ever gone to surplus city? I love theri stuff, too. You would love my almost-finished quilt that was started 3 years ago. All the fabric was bought there. We should go sometime!

loriotndorr said...

thanks for visiting my blog! i love fabric too and have my heart set on some at a local fabric store. i plan to make my kitchen/dining area curtains ...sometime :) we have similiar interests and profiles.