Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tis the Season

Aaaaaack! It's time for school clothes shopping - again!
Didn't we just finish shopping for school?
Oh, right. That was last year.
I have fond memories of my first real school clothes shopping experience. My five year old daughter and I set out for the stores wide-eyed and idealistic - so naive. We quickly found everything we needed and she declared all of it "perfect". And it was good. My son joined the clothing expeditions two years later. And it was still good.
Enter middle school. Times two. Momma needs a paper bag to breathe into.
This year, I have a strategy to divide and conquer. Yes, it will mean double the shopping trips, but it will eliminate some of the pitfalls I've struggled against for the past two years. Parents, did you know that once a girl reaches the age of, oh say around 12, you are no longer permitted to suggest articles of wearing apparel to them? Also, heaven help you if father (having gotten bored at the electronics store) happens to witness his female offspring emerging from the dressing room. "That looks cute." results in immediate discard of the outfit in question. "Um, not sure I think that is appropriate." results in rolled eyes and exasperation. Shopping with teenage girl is like navigating a minefield.
The boy, he is an enthusiastic shopper, but with his own agenda. Left to his own devices, his fall wardrobe would consist of soccer cleats, a backpack and a few shirts from a wildly overpriced mall store that he has never even set foot in. We've found the best tactic for him is to find a pair of jeans that fit and then buy them in every color available. Other than that - he's fairly easy to shop with.
And so it begins, another foray into the wonderful world of changing rooms, sales that don't start until Monday (and only if it's a blue moon), coupons that won't scan, and "Do you want to apply for a credit card to receive 10% off?" asked at every store.


e-Mom said...

Happy shopping! I can't believe it's that time of year again already. :~D

April said...

I keep wondering where the summer has gone.

Kylie said...

I'm wondering where Summer went, too.

I remember going school shopping and I loved getting new clothes. I don't remember if I was as picky as Rachel, though. hehe.

I also enjoy the Staples commercial featuring back to school supplies, the two kids staring at their father as he's dancing through the aisles as "Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" is played. I crack up.

Stacy said...

This was my first "school clothes shopping" experience. I must confess...I'm not looking forward to the middle school years.