Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Turned on the Heat?

Until just a week or so ago, we had been blessed with a very mild and pleasant summer and now we are having typical August weather, you know, the kind where you can either drink a glass of water or inhale it. This weather drains the energy right out of me, making me want to channel Scarlett O'Hara and drink lemonade on the veranda while fanning myself. Unfortunately, that is not an option available to me as I don't have a veranda (just kidding). Our family has spent several evenings huddled around the air conditioner and fighting the dogs for the cool air. Even though our dogs raced in Florida, they are convinced that they would melt into a puddle of greyhound should they ever be forced to endure any temperature above 75 degrees.
As we chill on these steamy evenings, we have been entertained by the sweet sounds of my daughter practicing clarinet for marching band. Midnite loves it when she sees the instrument case come out - she sings (howls) along with the music. I can honestly say I have the only dog in town who can hit the high notes in The Star Spangled Banner. Memo to self, though, don't take her to any sporting events - it might be potentially embarrassing! I will try to get a picture.
In other news (yeah, I know, calling it "news" is rather exaggerated), look for a post in the near future where I bend the rules of nature and conduct a mad scientist type of experiment in my kitchen. It was an unfortunate day in my family when I first heard of a freak of nature known as the "kool aid pickle" or "koolickle". Long have I had a love affair with pickles, and as a child, I was even known to drink the juice from the pickle jar - despite my grandmother's dire warning that I would "dry up my blood". A kool aid pickle is a dill pickle whose pickle juice has been swapped for double strength kool aid. **I'll wait a minute while you all digest that fact** Yes, I did say kool aid - whatever flavor you wish. I currently have a jar marinating in the refrigerator. They are not disgusting. I don't know how to describe the flavor, but they are not disgusting. My plan is to make people try them and take their picture for their reactions.
Hmmm. This may go down as the most random and disjointed post ever. Or not. Stay tuned.


e-Mom said...

Very fun post... I enjoyed it. I wish it was hot here... we're enjoying typically temperate PNW temps.

I was even known to drink the juice from the pickle jar. Lol, my sister did the same thing. Too funny. I love pickles. Looking forward to your "pickle post."

Have a blessed weekend!

Kylie said...

So the pickles were red? Hrmmm... I do like sweet pickles, but I'm not sure about kool-aid pickles.

Yes, I enjoyed the temps, though I could have done without so much rain, but I hate humidity. Hate it.

I miss being a kid this time of year. I liked band camp and field hockey practice. :)