Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chock Full o' Links

This very rainy weekend was perfect for getting some cooking done.
On Friday, my daughter's math class celebrated Pi Day by eating pie. I should have explained earlier, but Pi Day is actually today, March 14. The peanut butter pie recipe that went to school with my daughter was this recipe from The Pioneer Woman's fabulous cooking site. It has been a great go-to recipe for when I need something in a hurry.
Yesterday evening, our church had a terrific soup social followed by a bluegrass concert from a great group of men. The dinner consisted of many different types of soups, sandwiches and appetizers. I decided to go with an appetizer, so I made these bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies also from The Pioneer Woman. The best part is that is their actual name.
Today, it is wet, rainy and flooding, and I am trying to console myself after managing to wreak havoc in my kitchen. So far, I have broken a glass, a mug and a plate - not even all at the same time. For lunch, we are having home-made macaroni and cheese. Guess where that recipe came from? Yep. The Pioneer Woman.
I think tomorrow night's dinner is going to have to be something along the lines of a nice, healthy salad. Wonder if The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for that? Just kidding!

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e-Mom said...

Love that site... thanks for the link to peanut butter pie. It looks TERRIFIC. Printing as we speak. Enjoy your salad "thingy"... lol, whatever you end of making.