Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Honor of Pi Day

This has been a wild and wacky week. Parts of it have had me tearing my hair out, others have had me laughing so hard I cry.
My husband, who has been dealing with a minor knee injury for a few months, thought it would be wise to slip on the basement stairs and take it up a notch. His new nickname is Tiny Tim. He's not a big fan of crutches, as it turns out.
My daughter, busy with band competitions, had informed me (several times) that she needed a pie for school tomorrow. I somehow managed to procrastinate so well that it completely slipped my mind. This evening, she asked how her pie was coming along. I asked her where she got her sarcastic sense of humor. She answered, "From my mother." That sounds about right.
My son, hopped up on sunshine, reached new heights of creative hyperactivity this evening. He treated us to a two minute reenactment of Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief followed by a serenade of his original musical arrangement about chicken soup. It was riveting. And energetic. Really. I asked him where he learned to be so crazy. That apparently is from me as well.
I did ask them where all the normal stuff they do comes from. That, they said, they got from their dad. They're probably completely right.
For the record, there is a peanut butter pie ready to go for tomorrow for the observance of Pi Day.
Happy Pi Day!!!


Sharon said...

Send any my way, sounds good! Love your blog!

e-Mom said...

Peanut butter pie???? Are you serious. Sounds, well, ... hmmm.

How 'bout posting the recipe!

Have a GREAT pi day. :~D