Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Preview

I feel the need to relate a strange phenomenon happening in this part of the country. On Saturday morning, my family awoke to light streaming in our windows. Curious, we peered outside and to our surprise, the light was emanating from an odd glowing orb in the sky. My husband insisted that this orb did seem somewhat familiar to him, but he just could not place where he had seen it before.
Yes, I'm exaggerating. But this weekend was lovely, and today was more lovely still. The sunshine and warmth are melting the snow pack we've hosted since before Christmas. The crocuses are making their debut. A photo of the first robins of the year graced the front page of the local newspaper. These are all sure signs that spring is on it's way after all!
There is not much point to this post, I'm afraid. Just joy. And sunshine.

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e-Mom said...

Joy is always a good reason to post! :~D